Jase & Yasmeen – Wedding in Virginia, USA

About a year ago I was asked by my future brother-in-law to photograph his wedding this past June to an American gal, Yasmeen.  I rarely get out of Australia to do weddings this far away (so many good American photographers!!), so as a wedding gift I did their photography plus set-up a photobooth for their reception.  Yasmeen’s parents have a lovely big house in Mclean, Virginia…..I can almost smell the fresh, green forest that engulfed it.  Nothing was left out for these guys, including a cocktail bar and their favourite cocktails being served…..the first time I ever tried a Harvey Wallbanger!  We also did a few post-wedding pics in normal clothes around the Lincoln Memorial in DC.  Enjoy!  And thanks to Vicki for the wondeful event planning – http://mysimpledetails.com/