Wedding at Ballara Receptions – Jasper & Phoebe

Phoebe (aka “Phoebeness”) History of relationship :).

Ok, well before I start I would just like to inform you that Jasper is a major tech nerd/geek (which I LOVEEE) and I am a creative yet bossy fashionista…

Jasper and I met when we were in year 7 (13yrs old). We went to separate high schools. We had shared a common friend named Abraham. Back then chat rooms were cool so all of us friends after school would jump on the same chatroom. Abraham told me to go into a particular chatroom but every time I tried to be part of it, I kept getting kicked out by a particular person. I asked Abraham what happened and it turned out this his friend Jasper had developed that chat room and only let his friends from his school be part of it. I was so annoyed and wanted to confront this so called Jasper.(You don’t need to include that part of the story at all…that was more a back story for you. It was just funny because before we officially met we had already had an encounter with one another)

A few months later in our Parish of St. Peter Chanel in Deer Park there was a function to farewell a seminarian after mass and Jasper was there with his family as was Abraham and myself with our own families. Abraham introduced me to Jasper there… and we eventually became good friends, in fact we became best friends.

It wasn’t until we were in year 10 (16 years old) that we both decided to be more than friends. I just happened. We had always cared for one another, we shared the same Catholic values and just knew one another well enough and it felt right. It was a comfortable transition and the best decision ever and we have now been together for just a little over 10 years.

We have shared everything from getting our Learners permit to getting our P plates. We went through work experience, getting our first part time jobs to getting our VCE scores. We supported and helped each other get into the courses we wanted to do (Jasper did Robotics, mechatronics and software engineering and computer science at Swinburne and I did a Bachelors in fashion design followed by a graduate diploma in secondary teaching). We worked hard together and watched each other graduate and begin our careers. And once again this next chapter of marriage feels like another comfortable transition.

So at the end of the day… our story is not too exciting but I love it because it’s ours, and it reaffirms that I will be marrying my best friend.

Jasper is still a nerd- Our RSVP cards had a QR code for crying out loud. He developed a website for the wedding to make collating guest data as efficient as possible… but that is one of the main reasons I love him so much.

What makes you laugh and smile? What do you enjoy doing together for fun?

We love being animated and quoting our favourite television show SCRUBS, and purposely act out lame movie scenes just to take the piss out of them.

We love jamming together, jasper plays guitar and I sing (though we are not the best we do it for fun).

Jasper’s cheesiness and nerdiness makes me laugh.

On the day –  Wedding Ceremony at St Mary’s in West Melbourne, Location photographs at Melbourne uni then all the fun of the reception at Ballara in Eltham.